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Friday, March 26, 2010

day 2 CSUN 2010

Today I spent the day going around the exhibit hall. I cannot tell you how hard it is to be asking every two feet or so what booth is this.

The most outstanding thing I saw today was a product call Braille 2000. This software lets non Braille users format and transcribe brail. This sounds like a interesting tool for collaboration between Braille and non Braille users. I will down load a copy and play a little with it when I get home.
I sure like the nip on Braille displays. They have a new blue tooth model that will sell for a good price. I asked them to give me an approximate price and they said not definite but it would sell for less than 500 then the current low price on the market. It’s a very simple display so if you want a keyboard entry system it does not have it and the only thing it has is brailed with a single row of cursor keys. Simple Braille out and nothing fancy but , it does the job.
Well it’s getting late and I will check back in tomorrow got to sleep some time or pecan will wear me out smile

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